Hip Opening Yoga Poses| Get Wider Bigger Hips

Why would anyone want to know how to get bigger hips?

Wide curvy hips and a small waist are considered essential for a sexy feminine body. It’s been scientifically studied and proven time and time again the men are actually attracted to a body the more curvaceous it appears which means don’t feel alone because many women are on the hunt to learn how to get bigger hips naturally.

Can you learn how to get bigger hips in one day?

Some people may argue that there is no way to get wider hips and a smaller waistline but the entire existence of this blog has proven them wrong. These yoga poses will help you open your hips which may help you get wider hips naturally.

These are great yoga poses if you are trying to enhance your hips naturally. These are also great to use before a workout on the lower body to help you avoid injury and recover a bit faster like or workout videos designed to help you get wider hips in less than 5 minutes a day 2-3 times a week. You can use these yoga poses after exercising (rest days) to help your hip muscles heal faster.


Frog Yoga Pose for Bigger Hips

On all fours bring the knees out until comfortable. Point toes/feet outward. Bring palms together and elbows/forearms flat to the floor. Rock your hips back and forth. Avoid the urge to twerk.



warrior yoga pose for wider hips

Spread legs and bring arms out. Bend right knee until it’s over the right ankle. Sink hips downward. Repeat on other side.




ankle to knee yoga hip stretch

Sit on the floor indian style. Put right ankle on top of left knee. Place right knee over left ankle. Pull right leg up with left leg if desired for a deeper stretch of the outer hips. Repeat on other leg.




Reclining Cow Face for Bigger Hips


Reclining Cow Face Yoga Pose for Bigger HipsLay on your back. Cross your left leg over you right leg joining at the knees as pictured. Use both hands to gently rock your legs in by holding on to you feet.


Combine these with the information in our post on foods that help you get a bigger butt  or our foods to make to get bigger wider hips fast.

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    I tried those exercices for 2 days and i’m already seeing results , this is amazing but can someone tell me if the results are permanent ?

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    Enter your comment here…this exercises work 4 me i like it

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    how long time is you doing each exercise?

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