Why the Majority of People get Mediocre Results with “The Squat Challenge”

The squat challenge has been pretty popular all around the web. Some people see results and the rest quit or don’t see any results. Of those who see results the majority only experiences a small improvement. After going through a lot of the more popular challenges I noticed why it can be both intimidating and ineffective.

Quiting Early

This is the number one reason for mediocre results. I don’t blame you though. Who wants to do 50 squats and up it everyday? Repetition is key to building great habits but that’s just SO boring.

You actually don’t need to work out everyday to get a bigger better butt with squats. Your mind is blown right? Yes, you could seriously do 8-15 squats 1-2 times a week. If you can’t do that you’ve reached a new level of lazy I can’t give you a solution to. Even surgery would prove to be too much for you to handle in that case.

I’ll explain below how exercising so little can give you results faster. Keep reading.


Resting is crucial for any growth… Most growth that has to do with the human body anyway. Can you agree?

How muscles work:

  • Working out causes muscle fibers to tear.
  • Those tears are repaired and those fibers are made bigger and more fibers created.
  • The process is repeated which causes muscle growth.

You have to allow your muscles enough time to repair. If not you’re pretty much working out in vein.

I know, that can be scary- feeling like you’re missing a day. Feeling like you’ll be sabotaging your results but working out too much is what is actually sabotaging your growth.

Here’s a tip: when you’re practically not sore anymore you can get back to working out!


Nutrition is really important and actually really easy to grasp. It might seem complicated but when it comes to something simple like getting a bigger butt it’s pretty up front.

While there are foods that can help you get a bigger butt- you’ll want to focus on supporting your muscle growth. That’s why you’re squatting right? Muscle growth.

You’re probably not trying to win some body building award so here’s the basics: fast absorbing protein about 30 minutes before a workout (fruits are awesome). Slow absorbing proteins after (Complex Carbohydrates – Non starchy foods).

WTF is starch? WTH am I talking about? Fish, sweet potatoes, lean mean, vegetables, wheats & grains are complex carbohydrates with proteins and things that help repair your muscles. Starch include foods like white potatoes, white rice, white bread.

Avoid processed food. It makes you gain sloppy weight in sloppy places. McDonals, Taco Bell, Packaged food… Those are processed.

No, don’t cut them out. What’s the point of life if I can’t have Taco Bell right? Just try to make better choices the majority of the time.


What is this RESISTENCE word I throw around? Weights. You could get creative… Just find something heavy- like a sibling, your smaller kid, that huge school book, water bottles, bag of groceries, those evil bills. Hold that while you squat.

Exercise and resistence targets your muscles in different ways. You have different types of muscle fibers. There’s the ones that give you long lean (skinny & toned) muscles & there are thick bulky ones.

You want thick & bulky. These require resistence young grass hopper.

This blog has loads of post on each of these subjects.

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