The Buttock Enhancement/Enlargement Creams Work?

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There are a few buttock creams/lotions that are advertised as able to make your derriere bigger. They are all a bit unique and claim to offer their own benefits, but which of these creams is the best cream to increase the size of your booty? While there aren’t much to choose from, you may begin to wonder how it’s even possible to get a big bum by rubbing something on the outer surface of your body.

Let me start off by explaining to you how buttock enlargement creams are supposed to work.

They all claim to work in about the same way, they increase fat deposition to your buttocks. They are supposed to target your buttocks directly… or which ever area you rub the cream into for that matter. You will then absorb the active ingredients which supposed to directly target your butt. These ingredients usually consist of herbal ingredients and at times chemically
processed ingredients.

When you rub something onto your body, if it’s absorbed by your body it will be circulated throughout your body. Topical medications are not just subject to one area. The ingredients, if even absorbed, will travel to your liver then circulate through your blood stream. If a cream claims to target only a specific are of the body, well it can’t.

Another topic to touch on about absorption is that creams are too thick to be absorbed by the body. Instead of being absorbed, they just sit on top of the skin and barely even penetrate the outer most superficial layer of skin.

nickiminajpinkprintNow, a cream which has herbs in it would cause the herbs to penetrate your entire system. So it would be like taking a supplement in a sense, only extremely less effective then a supplement. All buttock enhancing creams have way to small of amount of active ingredients in order to be useful as far as absorption and circulation go. Before you even lay your hands on the cream, the active ingredients have been diluted by other inactive ingredients. In creams, they list the ingredients by the one which is most concentrated in the product to the least concentrated. This excess handling makes the herbs themselves pretty useless. This wouldn’t be the best method to use if you plan on using the ingredients in these creams for buttock enhancement.

Other things you can try: Exercising is one of the fastest ways to get a bigger butt. Aside from helping make your butt bigger you’ll also make your butt rounder and more lifted. To help cut down on the time you spend exercising use heavy weights, good posture and learn about the way you should eat to help promote growth to your butt. You might also want to try supplements designed to help you get a larger booty.


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Discussion: Have you tried any buttock enhancing creams or lotions that’ve worked for YOU?



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  1. 2

    I’ve tried all the creams and none of them worked. Be cautious because a lot of them won’t give you a refund. I’ve also tried the pills you recommended and those really didn’t help either. The only thing that is working for me right now is the pills from I’ve only been using them for about a week and I definitely notice the difference in my stomach and butt. You should try these and make a post about them. These definitely work.

    • 3

      Hey, i want to try these pills. Are you feeling any crazy side affects? Are they really working??

    • 4

      I tried isosensual and glutimac and they don’t work! For the price I thought they would. I should have took this seriously.

  2. 5

    I agree with you. Those pills are the ones working for me too.

  3. 6

    Got them fast. Love them. No using anything else. These are now my go to no matter what. Nothing else hass ever worked like these pills.

  4. 7

    I have looked on the website mentioned and they’re all sold out 🙁

  5. 8
    dinisha bordley

    Um I want bigger butt and I live in mayslanding and I want to where the closest place is to get a butt cream

    • 9

      You’d have to buy them online. I don’t think they are available in stores.

  6. 10

    I agree, creams don’t really work. I tried all of them with no results. Then when I contact them they say I need to work out. Placebo effect anyone? I bought the creams so I wont have to workout. I’m going to try the pills you recommended. I trust your input.

  7. 11

    I’ve tried just about all the creams and none worked for me. 🙁

  8. 12

    I decided to stay with the supplements you suggested in your other post. Those are working for me. Why change what works?

  9. 13

    None of the creams worked for me either.

  10. 14
    luisa oliveira

    which of these creams work for the butt? does anybody know?

  11. 16

    I agree. The creams don’t work. They give you exercises to follow and those are what do all the work.

  12. 17

    Stick to the pills please! These work for me. Please add a new post soon!

  13. 18
    prince peters

    can the same cream increase pennis?

    • 19

      No. It’s made to enhance female features not male features.

  14. 20

    Sooo…I guess u guys missed the point! Creams and pills DO NOT WORK!!! If you take a pill it doesn’t go straight to your butt…it goes through the digestive system which breaks the pill down and is absorb throughout your entire body. It doesn’t have a butt GPS on it. Also, the pill and it’s ingredients will be flushed out if your body doesn’t need any of the nutrients in the capsule. Your body balances it’s self naturally and gets rid of what it does not need. *****Just do 10-20 squats a day, it’s free and takes less than a minute.****

    • 21


      While I agree with the majority of what you said, supplements don’t have GPS on them but ingredients can stimulate certain receptors, hormones, etc. Women are programmed to develop secondary sex characteristics and deposit fat to particular areas (thighs, breast, hips, butt) where as men are not. If men do this or women don’t that would be considered hormonal imbalance for whatever reason. The same way hormonal therapy works for transgender men trying to develop breast and feminine characteristics. Plus, you’ll get a rounder butt doing 10-20 squats a day a minute but a bigger butt using weights/resistance to the point of failure (about 5-8 repetitions) with 2-3 sets.

  15. 22

    Pls where can i c d active ones,i mean butt enlargement ,,

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