Want a Fatter Booty? Chronic Sitting can make your Ass upto 50% Fatter!

So, is there really no such thing as spot training? Of course there is, but I had to ask anyway. Last year, published in The American Journal of Physiology, scientist found things like chronic sitting make your buttocks big. This bootyis one of the body’s natural process in order to accommodate certain stresses put upon it. So, how exactly did this study come about that sitting will make your booty larger and fatter?

Case: Professor Amit Gefen from Tel Aviv University in Israel, along with his colleagues, found that sustained pressure, also known as mechanical stretching loads, cause preadipocyte cells (undifferentiated fibroblast that can be stimulated to form adipocytes– or fat cells) to become more fat cells at a faster pace. Up to 50% more.

Mechanical Weight Load is the amount/kind of weight we place on a particular area occupied by cells when we sit or lie down.

How: Prof. Gefen and his colleagues stimulated preadipocytes with glucose or insulin to differentiate them into adipocytes (fat cells) and created a simulation of long periods of lying down or sitting in a cell stretching machine. After the cells reached maturity, they were 50% fatter.

It’s also important to remember muscle atrophy is also common with inactivity. However, even with exercise, the most active woman can’t escape this inevitable doom of mechanical weight load over prolonged periods.



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  1. 1

    if this is soooo true, how come lazy people dont have huge badonka donks?

  2. 2

    Well then all the kids at school would have bigger butts :p. Your workout works for me though.

  3. 5

    What can you do to make your butt even fatter?

  4. 6

    I think you got the right picture. I’ve sat on my ass since god knows when and my ass is FAT! I mean like jiggle and bounce. I have no muscle practically so it looks really small but my ass is actually really fat! Small as in I look like I have no booty but if I shake it, it just keeps going and going. Glad I found your blog though. Now I can work on the muscles too.

  5. 7

    I been trying iso curve cream for 3 months and what a load of bullshit! I will never buy these scam creams ever again.

  6. 9

    so do i do like the girl in the picture?

    • 10

      No. You’d need to actually sit.

  7. 11

    Can I transfer fat from my lower back, love handles, and stomach? Would it be the same process?

    • 12

      Use dry brushing, also changing up your diet can help in the way your body deposits fat.

  8. 13

    I have a desk job and my ass is fat. Fat as in it jiggles. I wish it was more muscular.

  9. 14
    No Name

    Wow! This is one interesting fact lol! Guess I’ll try to cherish my office job a little more.

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