Hips Enlargement Food

Are there foods which can help you get wider/bigger hips? 

Hips are shaped by your bone structure, fat and muscles. While you can’t change your bone structure you can work on fat and muscle to help you enhance your hips. Actually one would be able to change bone structure but that’s not practical and has extreme risk.

How can food enhance your hips?

Food can help by helping you manage fat. Raw organic foods have various nutrients which contribute to how your body stores fat. These are things not typically found on labels. One of these is phyto nutrients. 

What are phyto nutrients and how do they help enhance your hips?

Phyto nutrients are plant nutrients. They are used in an array of enhancement pills, lotions, etc. They are also used as a safe alternatives to some medications and to support prescription medications. 

They can help by helping manage both good and bad hormones. Some chemicals your body produces naturally can turn into steroids and have negative contributions to your body shape. This can be caused by stress, bad dieting or illness. 

Which foods can help enhance your hips?

Soy Beans and soy products like soy milk are well known for helping enhance areas like the butt and hips. Other foods with phyto estrogens include flax seed and soy.

There are some exotic fruits which contain more but are hard to get in America.

You’d need to add these to every meal to be effective. Because adding these to your diet can be hard to do you might consider supplements. Fruits are usually dried and the nutrients are isolated to give you a more ideal dosage to promote change in your body. Supplements like our Code Curves Pills can help you get these nutrients a lot easier especially if you can’t plan all your meals.

How to get wider hips without hormones?

Try our Code Curves Plumping lotion which works by activating fat and their receptors. Combine them all for the best effects!

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