Videos: Get Sexy Wider Hips| 3 Exercises for Bigger Hips FAST!

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Time Needed to do Workout Routine: 5 Minutes

If you were looking to learn how to get bigger hips then this short yet very effective workout routine will definitely help you get more defined and wider hips!

Don’t worry- we get thousands of visitors a day looking for a natural way to get wider so you aren’t alone!

This was designed to take little time to see results fast because who doesn’t like instant gratification right? Getting enhanced and more curvier hips is pretty simple and all you have to do is incorporate resistance (weights) to each exercise to get the best results possible!

Perform these quick exercises 2-3 times a week and make sure you use resistance! You’ll notice awesome results after 1-3 weeks depending on your resistance. This is a great method for natural hip enhancement.

Use the stretching technique below or get a deeper stretch designed to help in making your hips wider by using the yoga stretches in our post titled yoga stretches for wider hips. I has videos too. I know how much you love videos. <3


Stretch: Hip Stretch

Do this hip stretch exercise and hold for one minute using each leg. Remember that stretching helps “warm up” your muscles. This helps minimize the possibility of injury in the future.

Side Lunge with Bar

Do these awesome side lunges with a weight bar or any other exercise weights you may have. The heavier the weights the better. Ideally you don’t ever want to put yourself in harms way so choose the level of resistance cautiously .

Kneeling Side Leg Raise

Side Leg Lifts



When exercising for a bigger butt and wider hips and using resistance, your body is mainly using Carbohydrates and Proteins. Consuming .8g of carbohydrates per 1 kilogram of body fat and .2-.4g of protein per 1 kilogram of body fat daily are typically suggested. If you are using a lot of resistance and going hard (you might already be pretty athletic so you’ll use more resistance), then you’ll want to increase your intake slightly. Within 30 minutes after your workout, however, you should consume 1/4 of your daily total in carbohydrates and 10-30g of protein.

Remember, you’ll need to have rest days between each day you workout. Your muscles will need to recuperate. Depending on how much resistance you use you’ll want to add 1-3 days of rest. If you aren’t feeling sore the next day you aren’t using enough resistance! Feeling sore the next day means your muscles have tore and are now in the process of rebuilding themselves to larger muscles (creating more fibers).

If you want some more clearer and detailed information on which foods you should eat, why and how then check out this post on which foods you should eat to get a bigger butt. It works for your hips!



Last but not least, you’ll want to consider consuming something that will help balance the bad chemicals in your body from the inside to help you have a sexier figure outside.

Code Curves® are the only supplement that contain clinically studied natural ingredients that will help you get a bigger butt and wider hips naturally without changing your diet or exercising.

They’ll also help you minimize fat storage to your midsection.

You can go to to check them out. They have more before and after photos on their website!


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    Nice Advice! It’d be nice if you expanded on which foods are best to eat to help you get a bigger butt and hips. Can’t wait to try this though.

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    I’ve been doing this for a week and I see a major difference! I’m using the code curves pills and I noticed I lost 1 inch in my stomach this past week too. My butt looks swollen.

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    I have tried side leg lift before and it really works. In just a week you can see your hips and waist taking shape. Of course, when I tried it for a week I went on a strict diet and did the leg lift exercise for about thirty minutes daily for five consecutive days. I felt good with my body but then work came in the way so I had to set my priorities. Tomorrow I am gonna make a change to get back on track and always make time for myself.

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    Great post! These are great tips!

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    This stuff actually works! My Husband says I look “sexy” in anything I wear now! Thanks!!!!!!!

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    Nice Wide Hips

    hey. your pills have been working great and these tips are great too. thanks for all the help. my hips and butt measure 48 from 44 a month ago when i started using the code curves pills.

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      Yes, yes! I got mine too don’t they work so fast?!

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    Hi. I really like everything you recommend! I would also like to recoemend you try maca root. I herd this and fish oil can help uo? What do you think please?

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    Thank you for these great tips!

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    how many inches will i gain after the exercise?

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      In 1 month- 2 to 4 inches depending on your diet and the amount of resistance you’re using.

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    Thank you thank you thank you sooo much! MY husband has been so shocked by how my body is changing! This is an amazing website!

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    The more weights you use the better… my hips are getting me some attention now… thank you for the post!

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      Belinda Jones

      hi lrace…. apart from the weights, did you take the pills?… thanks

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    the program from bootyology101 is great. it’s like a manual you can reference and take with you where ever you go that has everything about how to get a bigger butt. very very affordable to0! i still like to look up some stuff but its pretty cheap and great for someone like me.

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    I’ve done these for a few weeks and I do see results, however, now my results are slower. Can anyone help me?

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    Love these exercise theyre awesome. I’ve been using them for about 9 days and I can see the difference when I wear fitted dresses.

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    These really do work. I’ve been using a few of these and my hips are a lot bigger. I just ordered the pills from I hope they work.

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      You can buy them online on their website. They ship world wide.

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