Transferring Fat to your Buttocks and Hips Naturally

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thickDry brushing is another name for massaging your body while it’s dry with a brush. The name of the brush used is called a “dry brush” or “massage brush”. A massaging brush has thick rounded nubs which are usually soft and nonporous to allow you to use oils. This brush helps to stimulate circulation in the skin and body. To dry brush your skin, rotate clock wise towards the direction which you want fat to accumulate. When dry brushing, remember it’s best to use a good massaging oil. When using a massaging oil, you can opt for something that will help your skin. Imagine that you are “brushing” fat from one place to another. Another being your booty.






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  1. 1

    so could i transfer the fat in my breasts to my butt. i have abnormally huge breasts and almost no butt 🙁

    • 2

      It would be best to stay local to the area.

  2. 3

    What type of oil is better for rubbing?

  3. 5

    mmm hmm, my mom had me doing this. I have the most elastic skin and people always tell me how healthy my skin looks. I can gain weight and won’t get any cellulite or stretchies. Massage clockwise towards the heart!

    • 6

      Wow! My mom taught me this too!!! Small world!

  4. 7

    OK! Now! It’s been 1 month! This works. I only gained ALMOST 1 inch but I gained something. I’m going back to working out too now.

  5. 11

    If I wanted to get my stomach fat into my boobs how exactly would I go about doing that?

  6. 12

    how can you dry brush a layer of fat from your stomach to your butt? how long would it take to see results?

  7. 13

    The code curves are working and I haven’t been exercising. I wish I would have gotten the book.

  8. 14

    Interesting. I have to try this.

  9. 16

    How can I get bigbuttpills in Ghana

  10. 17

    Am in nigeria and don’t have access to buy,how am i gonna get it

  11. 20

    So is it there any other option you can do to get them if you are out of US? I’m in South Africa and I need them so badly! Make a plan please.

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